Self Portrait (small).jpg

Jorli can't remember a time when she wasn't drawing or painting. At an early age her parents, both professional artists, identified and nurtured her talent by providing her with time, space, art materials and positive feedback for her work.By age five she was sketching recognizable portraits. Throughout her education (OCC, BYU, SCIA) her art teachers praised an encouraged her efforts and offered guidance to increase her skills and technique.

As an adult, Jorli developed and sensitivity and sensibility to compliment her skills and create an artistic vision that is uniquely her own. Her paintings capture light, be it the glow that radiates from within her portraits, or the play of reflective light in her seascapes and landscapes. The works of Nicolai Fechin (Russian 1881-1955) influence Jorli's portraiture style with the rich warm colors and desire to reveal the life and soul of their subjects. growing up in Laguna Beach, its natural that the works of local plein air painters such as William Wednt (1865-1945) provide a tradition for Jorli to extend in her sea and land oil paintings.

Jorli hopes her paintings evoke feelings from the viewers: awe of nature, appreciation for the simple things and good parts of life and brief moments of joy. Her paintings of her children celebrate the warmth of intimate family life and her paintings of nature illustrate her wonder at the beauty of the world. She believes talents should be expressed and commits herself to art as a way to share a glimpse of the unseen world of the spirit.