About the Book






A children's book about love, adventure and the power of a young woman's dreams.



TIRSAH'S DREAM is an adventure story of a young girl who is trying to recreate her life, after being forced to leave her home. She is a prodigy with the paintbrush, who makes a determined effort to overcome adversity and develop her talents. Along with love, she experiences loss, and finds that her dreams are strangely beginning to guide her into the Southwest. Here she encounters and plies sacred teachings of the American Indians, and discovers profound clues to her unique calling and wisdom for her difficult journey.

Not only are the paintings in Tirsah’s Dream beautiful, but the message was so tender and inspiring. It made me want to look at life with more understanding, love, openness and less fear. It also reinforced my belief in the power and importance of art

  -Katie Belnap

Life sometimes presents us with unexplained things- mysteries we think and feel will remain unanswered, but which are in truth, manifestations of what we have missed and didn’t see. As Tirsah’s Dream unravels, one will experience author/artist Jorli Perine’s beautiful artwork and striking paintings- backdrops for her heartrending story. She uses art and literature to bring forth to both young and older readers a certain awareness of mystery and it’s enchanting path.

  -Xlibris Publishing